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MVS/Quick-Ref™ for Windows
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What is Web/Quick-Ref?
Web/Quick-Ref is Chicago-Soft's web-based interface to MVS/Quick-Ref on the mainframe. Web/QuickRef consists of a set of HTML screens and CGI (common gateway interface) programs, all of which reside on a mainframe system. MVS/Quick-Ref itself must also have already been installed on the same mainframe system.

How does Web/Quick-Ref work?
Web/Quick-Ref is invoked via the correct URL from any web browser that supports HTML level 3 or higher, such as Netscape 3.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher. The product is written in REXX, Assembler, and HTML. No JAVA components currently exist. All components reside on the mainframe.

When invoked, Web/Quick-Ref accepts a request from a web browser, processes it, then invokes MVS/Quick-Ref on the mainframe to extract the desired information from the MVS/Quick-Ref data base and any defined MVS/Quick-Ref user data bases. HTML screens containing the desired information from the data base(s) are then built dynamically and sent to the web browser.

The web browser client itself may actually reside on a corporate intranet or anywhere on the Internet, but there must be a TCP/IP connection to the mainframe system containing Web/Quick-Ref.

How long does it take to install Web/Quick-Ref?
Installation takes less than an hour in most cases. Since the product consists of HTML screens and CGI programs, it can be packaged in such a way that it can be distributed on floppy disk, CD-ROM, mainframe tape cartridge, or via Internet download. Presently it is being sent via e-mail as a ZIP file attachment.

The installer unzips or extracts the components of the product, uploads them to the mainframe, performs one program link-edit, copies the HTML screens to the proper web server directory, then invokes the product.

SMP/E installation is currently not supported. The installer must have some knowledge of the configuration and usage of the IBM HTTP server at his location.

What about security issues with Web/Quick-Ref?
Release 1.3 of Web/Quick-Ref uses the security features that are built into the IBM HTTP Server. Protecting access to Web/Quick-Ref is the responsibility of the customer security administrator and/or Web/Quick-Ref installer. Facilities exist within the IBM HTTP server that can be used to prevent unauthorized users from accessing Web/Quick-Ref at the customer site or via the Internet.

What are the system requirements for Web/Quick-Ref?
Web/Quick-Ref requires that at least one of the following IBM web (HTTP) servers be installed, as well as a copy of the MVS/Quick-Ref:

  • IBM HTTP Server for z/OS, also known as the HTTP server component of the WebSphere Application Server for z/OS
  • IBM ICSS Server (used on older releases of OS/390)
  • IBM Lotus Domino Server for S/390

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